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So what is “Craft Coffee”?

People often ask, “What makes your coffee different?”

Well, we like to think there’s quite a lot.

Wasatch Roasting Company is part of a worldwide movement in craft coffee making. On the outside, this movement can come across as a no-frills, somewhat pretentious, and overly expensive endeavor in making coffee “better” that has no substance. To be quite honest, there are indeed cases where that is likely true.

However, that type of descriptor largely misses the greater picture of what this movement actually is.

To help clear the air, and hopefully pique your interest in our craft, we want to take a minute to help you understand what craft coffee really means – especially to us here at WRC.

  1. High-Quality Coffee Beans

When coffee is harvested, farms and brokers go through a grading process that judges the visual appearance of the bean and the overall taste of the roasted product. This grading happens on a 100 point scale, and coffees that score higher than an 80 are given the “specialty” grade. These coffees are grown in specific regions with ideal climates and have unique flavor profiles.

We believe that grade is a key element of craft coffee, which is why we only buy specialty grade coffees through our brokers. The higher the quality we start with, the better your cup will be!

  1. Small Batch Roasting

Roasting in small batches allows the roaster to have a greater degree of control in the outcome of their beans. Larger sized roasters can sometimes over- or under-roast beans, which can lead to sour, bitter, or burnt coffee flavors.

Smaller batches allow us to roast with care and attention so that the best flavors shine through in every cup.

  1. Meticulous Measurements

If you’ve been to our shop, then you’ve probably noticed that we measure everything on scales as we’re making your beverage. This might strike some as odd or time-consuming, but it actually helps us maintain consistency throughout our shop. You can rest assured that each and every cup is of the same high quality, no matter the day or barista on duty.

  1. Constant Refinement

Any craftsman will tell you that they’re constantly learning about their trade. We’re no different! There’s something new to learn each and every day because every origin and varietal is different. Whether it’s a new crop or a different grind level, we’re always experimenting and trying to make your favorite drink better.

  1. Freshly Brewed Coffee

Compare a bag of ground-up supermarket coffee with any coffee that’s just been freshly roasted and ground and you’ll be able to immediately tell a difference. That’s why we grind and brew ours fresh every day.

  1. Properly Served

We believe there are right and wrong ways to drink coffee. Cappuccinos shouldn’t come in 16 oz cups, and espresso should always come with some palate cleansing water to help you enjoy every sip. Preheated vessels and proper proportions are just a few of the ways we help ensure your drink is served properly.

Craftsmanship with coffee is not a new idea. It’s been around for at least a century, and probably longer! We’re happy to be a part of a movement that holds to strong traditions but still values innovation and quality above profit. We hope you’ll come in and try a cup of our coffee, or even try a bag at home!