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Guatemala – Huehuetenango (Peaberry Villaure)


Farm/Mill: Finca La Esperanza

Varietals: Caturra, Bourbon

Altitude:1700 masl

Process: Washed

Agtron Roast Level: 108, Very light

Notes: Kumquat, Peanut Butter Cookies, Allspice



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Jenner is one of the five third-generation Villatoros being groomed to oversee the family’s network of small farms. Being the oldest brother of three siblings, Jenner is confident, and a curious leader, implementing his father’s high standards on the farm with a grace that shows his potential.

He and his brother Rodyn manage the naturals and an-aerobics. You’d probably find Jenner in the family cupping lab, or monitoring cherry on the new raised African drying beds. Jenner’s small lot is next to his COE award-winning uncle Pedro’s lots, and is called Las Cuevitas for the rock outcroppings and small caves punctuating the steep mountainside.

Each year the younger generation of the Villatoro family takes on more ownership of the family lots, planting new varieties, driving education and experimental processing, and cupping in the family lab. Jenner and Rodin are taking over for their father Aurelio, Milton for his father Juan, Petronilo Jr for Don Petronilo. Primos Unidos lots are the result of tireless cuppings among the cousins, combining day picks to create sweet and complex profile lots. Intentionally curated with the roaster in mind, Primos Unidos lots represent the love and passion of third generation coffee farmers, cuppers, agronomical and forestry engineers, and most importantly cousins, doing it all together.

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