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Thailand- Doi Chang-Anaerobic Washed


Farm/Mill: Sirinya Farm

Varietals: Caturra,  Catimor, Bourbon

Altitude: 1400-1500 masl

Process: Anaerobic Washed

Roast: Agtron 99, light

Notes: Powdered sugar, guava, riesling



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Sirinya farms is a generational coffee farm run by the Chaosuwanvilai family in Mae Suay, Chiang Rai. This is an area formerly known for its opium farms, but with government assistance programs like the Doi Tung Development Project, the land has been converted to forests, as well as coffee and produce farms since the mid 1980s.

Goh Chaosuwanvilai is the 3rd generation of Doi Chang Farmer and passionate about both specialty coffee and improving lives in his community. Sirinya Coffee allows him to pursue both passions. As the coffee producer, Goh believes great coffee begins with the soil. He spends countless hours teaching other local producers to use organic farming methods, practices that are good for the land, the coffee, and the farmers. Goh and his wife, Kittiwa, love living in the mountains with their families and their daughter, Sirinya.

Kittiya Chaosuwanvilai is the director of Sirinya Coffee, working with her husband Goh to market and sell their farm-direct coffee to customers around the world. They live among generational coffee farmers in the hills of northern Thailand, most of whom are stateless and lack access to many opportunities. Sirinya Coffee is committed to transforming lives through sustainable work, education, and community support programs.

We know that natural processing leaves the cherry on the bean, producing stronger flavors, and washed processing removes the cherry before drying. Anaerobic fermentation is quite a bit different than both of these processes.

With an anaerobic process, the coffee cherries are placed in tanks that are airtight and pressurized to prevent CO2 buildup. Oxygen is then drained from the tanks using valves to create an interior devoid of it. This oxygen devoid environment encourages the development of acids like lactic acids. These acids can produce unique flavors in the coffee that tend toward a fruity complexity.

This anaerobic washed coffee best shows the hard work of Goh and his family with their vision of the future, and allows you to taste the true seed, and terroir, and the hard work and timing of the producer vs what the coffee fruit itself brings to the table.

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